The theme for the first edition of TEDxFORESchool is “Past. Present. Future?” One of the many interpretations which compelled us to choose this theme is that our past has more or less decided our present. Our ancestors left some resources for us to use and thrive on, now it’s the responsibility of present generation to do the same, but are we doing something or are we even capable of doing so?

As a society we are facing challenges (many challenges) and everybody is very quick in counting, propagating those challenges faced, but very few have solutions. It’s important to understand that sustainability is not about trying to solve something negative but actually about trying to create something positive. It cannot be moral sacrifice or a political dilemma; rather it needs be a design that challenges the existing traditional ways and rules. This TEDx event is not about discussing the mistakes; it is about finding solutions. We think as a society we are past the time when discussions alone can improve things; we know the challenges now and we need people who have answers.



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